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20 Years Brückner Servtec - Two decades of service supply and maintenance for the film stretching industry

1:53 min Sheets & Films
Siegsdorf, Germany

20 years ago the foundation for Brückner Servtec GmbH was laid. Having grown out of Brückner Maschinenbau, it was the aim of the founding fathers and the management to grant support along with first class service to all producers of biaxially oriented films worldwide. This opened new opportunities for Brückner, since a clearly service-oriented company puts its focus to dedicated market development, independently of the emergence of new production line business.

As part of the Brückner Group, Brückner Servtec has grown to an internationally successful enterprise with over 200 employees on 14 sites worldwide. Most recently their turnover has reached approximately 70 million Euro.

In the course of the years and with the motto "Serving your Success", Brückner Servtec has developed latest technology in the form of numerous cutting-edge service and product offers. The performance spectrum ranging from plant upgradings, repair service to maintenance management, also includes a comprehensive spare parts catalogue combined with software solutions for digital transformation. The key to realising such unique performance standards is the consolidating expertise of the Brückner Servtec senior specialists along with the resources of Brückner Maschinenbau, all with the purpose to provide premium know-how for customers‘ maximum plant availability.

Here a selection of technological successes jointly achieved with customers in the past 20 years:

  • 2003: Upgrade to the fastest film production of the time with a speed of 525 m per minute
  • 2007: First upgrade to a 7-layer packaging film with EVOH barrier to protect food from moisture and oxygen
  • 2010: New generation remote control maintenance tools for service technicians
  • 2014: Speed increase resulting in a 40 % increase in efficiency of a 20 year old film production line
  • 2019: Market launch of the digital Brückner ONE service platform
  • 2021: Comprehensive transformation of a 30 year old plant to produce specialty films
  • 2023: Inline coaters for surface finishing make it possible to produce cost-effective, recyclable films worldwide

Recently, Brückner Servtec is offering services and upgrades to customers on their way to sustainable plastic film production with growing demand. Examples for that are:

  • Energy-saving measures such as energy audits, heat recovery systems, twin-screw extrusions
  • Optimised, economical use of raw materials and „zero waste production“ by an upgraded, new raw material handling with direct reusage of production left-overs
  • Life-time extension of film production lines by regular maintenance and spare parts services
  • Conversion of existing film stretching lines into sustainable production of recyclable mono-material films

"This anniversary attests the trust of our customers in our expertise. We are going the 'extra mile' in order to be further the leading service partner for film producers within the biax industry, utilizing first class solutions and services for the entire life cycle of plastic film production plants," to quote Markus Gschwandtner, Managing Director of Brückner Servtec.

"Thanks to the dedicated and international team of Brückner Servtec we are shaping the future of plastic film production in terms of sustainability," emphasizes Dr. Axel von Wiedersperg, Managing Director CEO of the Brückner Group SE, the strategic holding company.

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