The PET industry's aim: Combining sustainability and economy

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Dear Reader,

The most important trade fair for the liquid food industry is the upcoming Drinktec 2022 in Munich. Drinktec provides impetus for pioneering technologies, products and solutions along the entire value chain. However, the plant and machine manufacturers’ products, developments and processes should be one thing above all - the technical answer to the industry’s challenges - sustainability and energy.

The packaging itself is the first to move into the limelight when it comes to more sustainable packaging. But the protective wrapping of beverages and food is not everything. The more modern, energy-optimised, durable, flexible and retrofittable the production line, the more plus points for the sustainability of the packaging. Climate-neutral plant manufacturers, machine suppliers and bottlers collect further sustainability points for their packaging. Sustainable production should be part of the ecological self-image - the keys to reducing the CO2 balance lie in the production processes.

At the end of the product life cycle, however, there is always used packaging. This is where the challenge has been for years; this is the point where it will become clear whether the industry - worldwide - is committed to a functioning circular economy - to achieve climate goals, to convince consumers, to correct past mistakes.

The climate determines new metrics that require acceptance and whose compliance is uncompromising and self-evident. The current situation leads to comparisons of the different sectors - mobility, energy, cement, packaging - and to comparisons within the sectors, e.g. in the packaging mix of glass, PET, carton, etc. Each industry has its challenge here, and the PET industry can show at Drinktec that and how circular economy can work.

Drinktec - the time for exhibiting and discussing. The time for action and implementation in the global markets should follow. We wish everyone a successful Drinktec.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto Appel

PETnology/tecPET GmbH

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