Project Management meets Packaging - Part II: Resource Management

Using project management principles to deal with current topics in the plastic packaging industry. Who needs resource management? We all know that in order to mould bottles, fabricate a capping machine or developing a new platform, an input of certain materials, people and equipment is required. So what exactly is resource management and why do we need to take care of our resources?

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The detail and the depth into which resource management should be performed though is subject to an ongoing dispute in the discipline of project management. Some say that it is sufficient to have a rough idea for example of how many labour days, tons of colouring agent or litres of water are available in total for the overall project. Others argue that it is crucial to have a detailed plan of how man-hours are needed on a daily basis, how many grams of pellets are being used each week and that the energy consumption of the packaging system is tracked monthly. Fortunately, there is no right or wrong level of performing resource management. Each company, each department and even each project and product must find its own appropriate degree of how much is feasible to plan and track in relation to resources.

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