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evian introduces label free rPET bottle

evian has revealed a new bottle with an engraved logo, as the brand looks at innovative ways to reduce its use of virgin plastic. The bottle, which has been almost two years in the making, is a first of its kind for the brand; created from 100% recycled plastic*, without the need for any label.

This new stripped back bottle perfectly reflects what’s on the inside. evian’s uniquely sourced natural mineral water the way nature intended; pure and refreshing. A 15-year journey through the French Alpes gives evian its naturally low mineralized composition and a distinctive cool, crisp taste.

The new design will be available as a 400ml bottle and features an ‘evian pink’ bottle cap; both firsts within the evian product range. It will be distributed across select hotels, restaurants and hospitality in France from early July, and in additional countries from September 2020.

The new bottle is a key milestone in evian’s journey to becoming a ‘fully circular’ brand by 2025- making all of its bottles from 100% recycled plastic*. Whilst the innovation will start as limited in distribution now, evian is constantly looking to push boundaries in packaging design. The new bottle could provide a solution globally for a sustainable future, especially for e-commerce where there is no need for barcode labelling.


*evian fully circular brand by 2025 evian is committed to making all of its plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic by 2025, adopting a ‘circular approach’ to plastic useage, where plastic is kept within the economy and out of nature. Working in close relationship with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to define this roadmap, evian will move from a linear model to a circular one, where all bottles will be made from recycled plastic without the need for any virgin plastics. This will enable plastic to evolve from potential waste to become a valuable resource. evian plans to achieve this through pioneering partnerships to redesign its packaging, accelerate recycling initiatives and remove plastic waste from nature.

*Excluding the cap The caps on evian’s label-free bottles are not produced from the same type of plastic (rPET) that is used to produce their bottles. HDPE and OPP plastics are used in order to help preserve water purity and quality for consumers. HDPE and OPP plastics are recyclable and evian encourages consumers to check their local recycling listings and recycle all evian bottles in the correct steam so that they can be reused. For more information on evian transforming its approach to plastic to become a circular brand by 2025, please visit:

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