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connecting comPETence is about expanding detailed, technical understanding along the PET value chain in order to develop better, more sustainable solutions, aiming to keep PET packaging ahead. In today’s rapidly changing and demanding environment, our approach is proving its worth more than ever before. In our many discussions about the worldwide challenges in the PET packaging market, we would often hear the same thing: You can’t do it all alone.

This applies to the two significant topics that affect the future of our industry, if not our entire world: Digitalisation and Recycling. We can consider these omnipresent functions from a purely technical point of view. Or, we can stretch the meaning of connecting comPETence to include the societal and political aspects of digitalisation and recycling.


Digitalisation can be used as a tool to make manufacturing and production operations extremely efficient with robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). But first, expertise from various specializations must be pooled together. John Galt, President and CEO of Husky, provides insights into the digital strategy of a market leader (read p. 42).


Talking with Manfred Hackl, CEO of Erema (p. 34), once again brought home the fact that we must look at the process in its entirety. When everyone involved is open and receptive, better solutions can be achieved. Transparency in recycling creates consumer confidence – which plays a significant role in the recycling economy.


Both of these areas influence society. Can the digital transition in the working world significantly increase an economy’s productivity levels? And can we make efficient recycling within a closed-loop material cycle a reality? What role do people play in each case? It’s about calling a spade a spade in order to create societal acceptance. You can’t do it all alone.

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