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Challenges of Recycling: A clean Cameroon through us and for us

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Only 9 percent of plastic that was ever produced is recycled (source: and 12 percent was incinerated. However, nearly 10 tons of plastic are produced in the world per second and when we know that plastic needs centuries to decompose, this raises the importance of recycling and less production of plastic objects.

Positively impressed by different recycling methods in Germany (reverse vending machine, awareness campaigns), I developed interest in plastic recycling and thought about how I could implement such a system in my native country Cameroon. Some NGOs and few companies are working on recycling plastic waste, but the means used are unfortunately not enough and the field of recycling remains a big problem. For this reason, I would like to bring my contribution to the issue of plastic recycling. With this idea and the desire to work in this field, I met Prof. Dr. Appel, who lectures at the university of applied science Regensburg (OTH Regensburg). He oriented and gave me advices on challenges related to the problem of plastic recycling. So, I was motivated to look for people who understand, and could advised me. I present my idea hoping to find readers interested in this topic and willing to help me to plan and realize a project of installation of a plastic recycling unit in Cameroon.
Due to negative consequences caused by waste of plastic to our environment and health, the problem of recycling must be taken seriously. Therefore, it is time that Africans or more precisely Cameroonians handle this problem with appropriate equipment. My name is Dzoyim Tchoffo Daryl, the fourth child of five children. I was born in Bertoua, east of Cameroon. I arrive in Germany early 2013 where I learn German for 3 semesters. Then I start my studies in mechanical engineering that I will do for two years. Having a growing interest for recycling techniques and new energies I decided for the rest of my future to study regenerative energies and efficiency. Outside of school I lead a balanced life, working part time to pay my bills, I try to practice sport as often as possible. I would define myself as a worker who believes in the goals that I set for himself.
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