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Barbara Appel

PET insight 01/02 | 2023

March 2023

Understanding the circular economy of PET - technically, economically and sustainably


Dear Readers,

Energy consumption, material use, recycling and CO2 emissions - the PET packaging industry has been dealing intensively with these issues for years, not least due to market demands. As a result of these efforts, PET has come to play a pioneering role in recycling and the circular economy. This, in turn, has awakened needs and generated legal requirements that have led to material shortages and price increases for rPET. In other words: every bottle in the cycle counts.

I have already commented before that it is not sustainable to produce fibres from recyclable PET bottles and then process them into tyre cord fabric. This removes them from the cycle.

Continental's tyre division is working with partners to produce high-quality polyester yarn from recycled PET bottles for its tires. 

I think it is common sense in our industry that PET bottles have no place in tyres. Something must have got through to the tire manufacturer: the Continental press release of 14 February states that the PET bottles used are sourced exclusively from regions where there is no closed recycling loop. These bottles would otherwise end up in incinerators or landfills.

If the quantities of PET bottles are available - in other words, if they are collected - then they can also be fed into the bottle-to-bottle cycle via distribution and logistics channels, whether the region has a closed PET cycle or not.

Kind regards,

Dr. Otto Appel



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