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PET insights 04 | 2024

May/June 2024

In Focus: Caps & Closures

Dear Readers,

In our October 2023 issue, we reported on the technological challenges of the emerging discipline of cap-to-cap recycling, which is being addressed by TOMRA Recycling Sorting and Greenpath Enterprises. The typical cap materials PE and PP have similar density properties, making it a challenge to separate them into their different polymer types. Fine sorting offers the possibility of a turning point in cap-to-cap recycling.

In the PET bottle recycling cycle, it is easy to separate the caps from the bottles using the float-sink process. With bottle grade PET closures, this step would be eliminated, as would the need to re-sort different closure materials. For a long time, PET closures were not considered feasible.

Now there seems to be a technical solution. At NPE 2024, Origin Materials and their partners unveiled the first PET closure, a CSD closure compatible with the PCO 1.881 neck finish. It could be a breakthrough in the production of pure PET caps and closures, which the manufacturer says will reduce weight and extend product shelf-life.

Technologists are discussing PET caps controversially on social media. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

Caps and closures are also a focus of PETnology Europe 2024, with the companies Bericap, Corvaglia, Wisecap, Sacmi and Z-Moulds presenting their new developments.

Mark your calendars: 12 and 13 June, Rapperswil on Lake Zurich.

I wish you a pleasant reading!

Dr. Otto Appel



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