rPET application

YUYO Boards featuring BASF's sustainable rPET filament

| Material technology | Innofil3D BV | Emmen | Netherlands

YUYO was founded in October 2018, with the idea in mind that more than 90% of surfers are concerned about ocean health, but most of them are still surfing on boards that are  non-recyclable. After two years of research and development, YUYO found a way to resolve this problem.

Romain Paul from YUYO: “We have developed a new kind of eco-designed surfboards, exclusively made of natural and recycled materials.” Their surfboards have a 3D-printed internal structure made of the advanced Ultrafuse rPET filament, an environmentally friendly PET made of recycled medical appliances, and are manufactured on a large-format industrial 3D printer.

The rPET core is covered with a layer of biocomposite, which results in an eco-friendly surfboard – the YUYO Natural Surfboard.


  • A sustainable alternative to PET
  • Easy to print
  • Consistently outstanding end result

Material Properties

YUYO’s core goal is to offer any surfer a natural and sustainable alternative when buying a new surfboard, which makes it priority that the surfboard is created with environmentally friendly materials. And together with the customization possibilities of 3D printing, the choice to go for a recycled filament is evident.

The difficulty with recycled filaments is to maintain constant high quality and consistently good 3D printing results. In their search, YUYO discovered that there is one recycled filament that met their requirements: Ultrafuse rPET. It delivers identical viscosity and filament diameter. Ultrafuse rPET prints are as reliabe as a regular top-grade virgin PET filament. “With Ultrafuse rPET we now have a filament that delivers the printing experience that we demand – every single time”, Romain confirms. YUYO uses the 2.5 kg filament spools.

The 3D printer used: Tobeca 6613, a very large-format printer by French manufacturer Tobeca, which develops 3D printers for and with individual customers.