PETnology Americas 2018, Atlanta, Georgia, 25-26 June


| Global themes | PETnology | Regensburg | Germany

We haven't encountered this big of a shortage of PET resin since 1994. PET plants in Asia, Europe and North America are running at full capacity and raising margins. Trade barriers are removing options, while demand is remaining strong. Where will you source your PET between now and 2020? In this critical time, it is imperative to fully understand the dynamics of the PET market. Capacities, utilization, trade, demand, government intervention, legislation...all of these contributing factors will be discussed and analyzed by PET industry expert John Maddox at the upcoming PETnology Americas conference.

We will show the most precise modeling calculation with maximum domestic production, maximizing imports from the next tier (less favorable) producers, increasing the use of PCR, minimizing exports, and even reducing growth. But this still results in a SOLD OUT market for PET until 2020.  Buyers are becoming very creative with their purchasing strategy.

This data-packed presentation will answer questions like:

  • Where will you source your material until 2020? 
  • What are the new sources for importing PET?
  • What is the outlook for imports?
  • How does utilization affect price?
  • What has been the PET resin margin trend, and what can we learn from this analysis?
  • How will increased prices on PET affect growth and pending conversions?
  • What is "NAFTA PET Industry Vision 2030"?

Presenter: John Maddox, SBA-CCI, Inc.

There couldn't be a better time to join industry colleagues to discuss this concern at the upcoming PETnology Americas conference.

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