Thermoformed Packaging

Thermoforming takes clear form with Graham’s Nu-Est investment

| Business function | Graham Partners | Philadelphia | United States

Graham Partners, a private investment firm targeting industrial technology and advanced manufacturing companies, is pleased to announce its third investment in the thermoformed packaging space, Nuconic Packaging, LLC (“Nuconic”). This investment was completed less than a year after the acquisitions of Tray-Pak Corporation (“Tray-Pak”) and EasyPak, LLC(“EasyPak”), in an attractive niche that is benefiting from increasing consumer demand for sustainable packaging options and freshly prepared, on-the-go meals.

Nuconic’s innovative approach and customer focus will support Graham Partners’ strategy to build a nationwide, top tier, mid-sized packaging provider, in combination with Tray-Pak and EasyPak. Located in Vernon, CA, Nuconic is a supplier of thermoformed polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic packaging serving the food market, with a complementary product set to EasyPak and Tray-Pak. Nuconic brings a unique approach to product and tool design, which will allow the combined platform to deliver an expanded offering to the market. Additionally, Nuconic expands the combined company’s footprint to the West Coast, which is expected to be a key growth area moving forward.

Adam Piatkowski, Managing Principal at Graham Partners, states, “Graham Partners is very excited to partner with the Nuconic team, led by industry veteran Alan Franz; the company has experienced strong growth driven by a strategic market focus and strong customer relationships, and we have identified significant synergies due to the expanded geographic coverage and capabilities of the combined platform.” Alan Franz, CEO of Nuconic, adds, “The Nuconic team is enthusiastic about our partnership with Graham Partners, and we look forward to the support they will bring to pursue further growth opportunities in this expanding market.”