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The World of Molds

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The thousands of products made over the years are a proof of technology and expertise we have developed in the world of blow and is recognized internationally there. Each DEMO project tries to make original and personalized imprint, responding to customer demand, in line with its expectations.

Quality and precision 

The aluminum and steel we use to manufacture our molds come only from certified suppliers, and process by a machine toll park with a mean age of 4 years. All this to guarantee efficiency and precision in all processes, even the most complex. As for the software side we are constantly update, the CAD/Cam software we use is updated to version 2018, which means processing times reduced compared to the past and guarantee timely deliveries to customers. 


We were among the first companies in Europe to develop molds for the main blow molding machines with an insert technology ‘Quick Change’ that allow to customize the containers with customized logos and engravings. This system also allows using a single mold to produce containers with different formats. The result is a considerable saving of time. But that’s not all, because it always with innovation combined with savings, DEMO has also developed specific solutions in the realization of the bottom that allow considerable saving of compressed air. Thanks to our technology, in fact, our funds can be blown with a lower amount of air than the commonly used standard.