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Blow Moulds

The preservation of the environment

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In Demo we are convinced that we should go increasingly towards reducing the global environmental impact of the plastic. 

We have always been highly sensitive to the theme of ecology and we are committed to developing containers with low environmental impact through reduced use of plastic. Our containers are designed to be made from natural materials derived from fermentation and / or completely recycled materials. 

Special attention we put into our products, which integrates an approach of the entire structure to environmental sustainability.

Our initiatives 

With the DEMO Re-Art program, we were the first company to provide proposals on the reuse of plastic containers through the creation of eco-design objects. 

With the DEMO Re-Use Program we guarantee our customers the chance to take back their used molds, enhancing it and reconditioning it for secondary sales in the used market. 

The introduction of these programs results in a significant reduction of production cycles with considerable savings of electrical energy and water consumption 

These are programs that we believe very much and we try to implement as much as possible, to try to reduce the environmental impact of plastic as well as to sensitize people as possible on more important matters.