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1 Blow at the NPE 2018

The greenest stretch-blow molding machine on the market today

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Since commencing production in 2010, 1BLOW has been producing truly, the Next GenerationStretch-Blow Molding Machine ideally suited for the Custom PET Bottle Converter.  And, in 2018, these limits are being pushed further with the commercial launch of the NEW 4LO Stretch-Blow Molder which will be on demonstration during the NPE 2018.

The 4LO is built upon the same, highly efficient Virtual-Rotary Platform that has been commercializedin numerous industrial applications around the world over the last six years. At its core, the 4LO possesses all of the superior 1BLOW Machine Features and Benefits :

1)     Virtual Rotary Kinematics

Rotary Motion is the key to achieving High-Speed and Low Energy Consumption in machinery; and thus is the chosen concept for the Industry Leaders in Stretch-Blow Molding Machines. The 1BLOW Platform stands above its competition with linear kinematics, through its unique Virtual Rotary Concept.  Over 90% of the of the 4LO Machine Motions are rotary; leading to Maximum Mechanical Outputs of 2,000 Bottles / Mold / Hour and Machine Efficiencies of +95% which are in-line with the exceptional levels of the Industry Leaders.

2)     All Electric Operation

All of the Main Machine Motions on the 4LO are effected by servo motors.  Known for both their repeatability and reliability, servo motors are also the most energy efficient motion system. Comparative Operational Testing to similar sized competitive machines has demonstrated that 1BLOW machines can use up to 60% LESS Energy.  The All Electric Concept also has the additional benefits of being both the cleanest and quietest stretch-blow molding machines in the industry.

3)     Blow Mold Compatibility

The 1BLOW Mold Clamp Format and Stretch-Rod Pitch were designed after thorough evaluation of and consideration for all blow mold formats currently being used for Stretch-Blow Molding.   This research, combined an Open Architecture Format, allow for 1BLOW Machines to accommodate blow molds from virtually all other competitive Stretch-Blow Molding Machines on the market. This ability allows customers to utilize existing blow molds on the 1BLOW Machine; thereby saving investment in redundant blow molds.  Some 1BLOW customers are using two or even three different blow mold formats on the same 1BLOW machine. 

4)     Low Cost Blow Molds

With the choice of virtually any Blow Mold Format on the market, the 1BLOW can be configuredto accommodate the most widely manufactured and lowest cost blow molds available. Industry Standard Cylindrical Blow Molds are the most economical.  A Simple, Small Bottle Cylindrical Blow Mold Set can cost as little as $ 6,000 USD for a two cavity machine ; and only $ 12,000 for a four cavity machine like the 4LO.

5)     Low Cost Change Parts

Like all 1BLOW Machines, the 4LO was designed to minimize the number and quantity of Change Partswith the goal of reducing format costs for converting customers.  Through this optimization, the 4LO Change Parts Set can be up to 50% LESS than a Change Part Set for a comparably sized competitive machine.  A key advantage for converters who can have dozens of machines each with dozens of Change Part Sets.

6)     Quick Change-Over

Another benefit of minimizing the number and quantity of Change Parts is that it takes less time to do a Machine Change-Over.  1BLOW has taken this a step further by making as many of the Change Parts in a Tool-Less format. The result is that the 4LO, in some cases has 50% less Change Parts than some Comparable Competitive Machines leading to a much quicker Machine Change-Over.

7)     Compact Footprint

For reference, the 4LO Base Machine is just slightly larger than a four(4) door Mini Cooper. In fact, the 4LO is so spatially efficient, three 4LO Machines can fit in the same floorspace as one typical Rotary six cavity machine.  Thus, this platform provides the advantage of two times the Output and three times the Flexibility of a six cavity rotary machine.

8)     Accessibility

Despite its Compact Footprint, the 4LO has superior internal accessibility for technicians. Virtually every external body panel of the machine is actually a door which opens completely. In additional the Virtual-Rotary Concept is spatially efficient and provides many open areas inside the machine large enough to comfortably accommodate a technician.  The 4LO, in fact, can accommodate four(4) technicians inside the machine at the same time. 

The 4LO Machine goes to the Next Generation with its platform’s ability to accommodate all of the Five Key Technology Kits with a Maximum Mechanical Output of 8,000 BPH.  As a result, it is perfectly suited for the both the Custom Bottle Molding Demands and Production Outputs of the North American Market.


The Five Key Technology Kits offered by 1BLOW are :

1)     Preferential & Offset Neck Heating

This Technology Kit produces opposing longitudinal heating bands to the preformto optimize production of Oval or Oblong Bottles.  The 1BLOW technology goes one step further by also allowing for these heated bands to be moved off-axis from the preform centerline; so that Offset Neck Bottles can be produced.  A truly unique capability in the industry.

2)     Neck Orientation

This Technology Kit puts all the Neck Finishes on each and every bottle to be in the same orientation.  This is invaluable for containers that use a Flip-Top Cap so that it aligns in the proper position for opening and pouring.  Unlike the competition, 1BLOW can do this alignment without the need of a Tab or V-Notch on the preform.  The 1BLOW servo-driven mechanical system, relies on the thread start only, and thus can use standard preforms; opening up the spectrum of preforms that can be used.

3)     Heat Set

This Technology Kit combines Heated Blow Molds with Recirculating High Pressure Air Cooling to induce higher crystallinity into the bottles.  This higher crystallinity allows the resultant bottles to have heat resistance to the Hot Fill Process.

4)     Base Inversion

This Technology Kit is a Multi-Staged Mold Base System that allows for the Base Push-Up of the Blow Mold to be moved up in two or more increments and allows for the creation of a Diaphragm Base.  On Heat Set Bottles this acts acts to absorb the vacuum created after the liquid contents cool in Hot Fill Bottles.

5)     Sure Grip

This Technology Kit is allows for the production of bottles with a hyper-extended grip into the bottle that could not be produced in standard stretch-blow molding process.  It utilizes Software and Hardware on the machine combined with a Multi-Staged Mold Insert System that allows for both opposing Handle Grip contours to be moved inward during the stretch-blow molding process.


We welcome NPE Exhibition Vistors to come by the 1BLOW Booth to experience the 4LO first hand to and see and learn of all of its Features, Benefits, and Advantages, and why it also just might be the Greenest Stretch-Blow Molding Machine on the market today.