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Switzerland: From now on, empty PET beverage bottles will be picked up at the front door

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On behalf of PET-Recycling Schweiz, Swiss Post is now collecting PET beverage bottles from home throughout Switzerland in special collection bags. The new home pick-up service impresses both with its high level of convenience for the population and from an ecological point of view. The offer was successfully tested regionally in 2019 and is now being extended to all of Switzerland.

From now on, empty PET beverage bottles will be picked up by Swiss Post on behalf of PET Recycling Switzerland. The new service is aimed at private households and was extensively tested in five municipalities in 2019. The successful pilot test and the very positive feedback from the population were decisive for the nationwide introduction. The new service fits seamlessly into the strategy of PET-Recycling Schweiz. "We are firmly convinced that only a customer-friendly recycling system is a good recycling system," says Jean-Claude Würmli, Managing Director of PET-Recycling Switzerland. «Recycling shouldn't be a tedious compulsory task, but should be done easily, quickly and efficiently. The cooperation with the Post as a logistics partner creates an offer which corresponds exactly to this basic idea. "

Ecologically convincing

The mailer’s PET collection is convincing for a number of reasons: Because Swiss Post already serves all Swiss households, no new logistics need to be set up. In addition, the pilot test has shown that the existing logistics capacities are sufficient and that no additional trips or vehicles are needed. And thanks to the electric vehicles from Swiss Post, the return is largely emission-free. «Together with Swiss Post as our logistics partner, we have created something great. The population all over Switzerland receives a new collective offer that causes practically no additional environmental pollution and further strengthens the closed bottle cycle, ”says Jean-Claude Würmli happily.

Cost-covering collection without prior notice

The return takes place in 45 liter collection bags. These can be placed clearly visible in the mailboxes at the house entrance without prior notification. Collection takes place Monday to Friday. The collection bags can be ordered online from PET-Recycling Schweiz at cost price of CHF 2.95 per item - the purchase price only covers the collection costs.

Supplement to free returns

Collection by the post office is an additional offer. During the pilot test it turned out that people without a car or with limited mobility particularly appreciate the take-back offer. It goes without saying that PET beverage bottles can still be returned free of charge to over 56,000 collection points.