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Suntory Group announces a new "Sustainability Vision"

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The sustainability vision will reinvigorate the company's efforts to foster a sustainable society through environmentally and socially conscious business activities.

Under the corporate vision of "Growing for Good", the Suntory Group has formulated a new "Sustainability Vision" to continue striving for a sustainable society by addressing global issues even more impactfully than before.

As a multifaceted beverage and spirits company, with a business rooted in water, agricultural products, and nature's other gifts, the Group promises "Mizu To Ikiru" to its stakeholders, and upholds its mission "To create harmony with people and nature." Respect and gratitude for nature are at the core of Suntory's business, and historically, the Group's sustainability initiatives have focused on promoting a healthy natural ecosystem, in which water plays an important role.

As corporations are proactively contributing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs*) adopted in 2015, the Suntory Group has drawn up its "Sustainability Vision" with seven sustainability themes in line with the SDG goals with its core businesses.

Suntory has also established a new "Human Rights Policy" to address human rights, one of our seven themes, not only within our direct business operations but also among our supply chain by engaging business partners to further promote socially conscious business activities.

"Suntory Group's mission is 'To create harmony with people and nature,' which means promoting a sustainable society where enriching lives and conserving the natural environment go hand in hand," says Takeshi Niinami, CEO of Suntory Holdings Group. "We look forward to promoting the seven themes of our 'Sustainability Vision' around the globe, continuing to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, and aiming for sustainable growth through the Suntory way."

Together, the Group will strive for sustainability-conscious corporate management, and continue to contribute to solving some of the world's social and environmental issues under the "Sustainability Vision."