Bottle Development

Squeezy Bottle is now even more handy

| Blow Moulding & Coating | RPC PET Power | Etten-Leur | Netherlands

RPC PET Power has further expanded its popular Droplet Squeezer range of bottles, which are ideal for many types of foods such as honey, dressings and sandwich spreads.

Already available in a wide variety of sizes from 180ml to 750ml with two different neck finishes – 38SP400 and 31 Snap – the 31 Snap family has now added a fifth version, with the introduction of a 510ml bottle. The unique 31 Snap neck ensures that the closure fits firmly and cannot easily be removed.

The oval shape of the Droplet Squeezers mean they fit perfectly in the hand and are easy to squeeze and manipulate. Equally important the design provides a broader front to the bottle to allow effective decoration that ensures products stand out on shelf. Options include labelling, sleeving or printing and the bottles can also be produced in a myriad of colours.