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Reiling invests in a processing plant for PET recycling

| Business function | bvse-Fachverband Kunststoffrecycling | Bonn | Germany

At a joint on-site meeting company head Bernhard Reiling was able to present the new location of Reiling Kunststoff Recycling GmbH & Co. KG in Burgbernheim to bvse managing director Eric Rehbock.

''The Plastics Recycling division now has three locations.'' explained Bernhard Reiling at the presentation of the new recycling plant.

The construction of the production hall was already completed in April 2020. The focus of the project was on sustainable construction. The buildings are heated by their own block-type thermal power station (BHKW) and a photovoltaic system with almost 590 kWp ensures efficient energy conversion.

In the meantime a PET processing plant has also been set up, which can process up to 60,000 tons of bottles annually. The new location will also be used as a logistics base for recycling solar panels from the Reiling Group. The company location will create a total of around 40 jobs in the region.

''Due to the new EU packaging directive an additional volume of collected bottle waste of around 500,000 tons per year is expected in Europe.'' bvse president Bernhard Reiling emphasized. Reiling Kunststoffrecycling can thus make an important contribution to ensuring that these quantities are properly recycled and do not have to be disposed of in waste incineration or substitute fuel plants.

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