R&D/Leverage Europe announces grand opening for dignitaries and media new product solutions laboratory (PSL)

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Brand owners and plastic converters now require much more from their tooling suppliers. They require the ‘’Total Solution’’. To meet these increased requirements R&D/Leverage Europe, a subsidiary of R&D/Leverage USA, announces the Official Opening of its new Product Solutions Laboratory (PSL).

To showcase this state-of-the-art moulding laboratory local dignitaries and media are cordially invited to attend the grand event which will be held on the 15th October 2015. The official unveiling ceremony by local Member of Parliament Gloria de Piero will be held at 2.15.

R&D/Leverage Europe specializes in the design and manufacture of Injection Stretch Blow Moulding tooling (ISBM or Single Stage), which equates to approximately 96% of the company’s turnover. R&D/Leverage service a global market covering territories such as UK, Whole of Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Middle East, Africa and Brazil, with a customer base representing some of the biggest names in the consumer products industry for (PET) plastic bottles/jars, PP, Triton, PC and other new resin developments.

“In the early stage of R&D/Leverage Europe’s business development we would manufacture the tooling then ship it to the customer’s facility,” explained Alan Tolley, Managing Director of R&D/Leverage Europe. The natural development time of this process has been dramatically decreased with the introduction and on ongoing investment into the PSL.

“Dealing with the brand owners and converters directly contributes to higher quality, reducing time to market and allows the brand owner to participate hands-on with the development of product, tooling trials, and production validation,” Tolley said. “They can watch the trials, and if a modification to the tool needs to be made we can often do that overnight and be ready to go the next day while the customer is at our facility. That provides a massive benefit to customers as well as to R&D/Leverage Europe. We’re now a total service provider rather than just a tool maker.”

Photo: R&D/Leverage