PTI promotes Craig Robinson to Vice President of business development and innovation

| Business function | PTI | Holland, OH | United States

PTI, a global leader in plastic packaging development, has promoted Craig Robinson to vice president of business development and innovation.

“Craig has significant experience in partnering with brand owners to bring new products to market under an aggressive timeline. He is very skilled in using multiple internal and external resources to drive new packaging designs which help brand owners create a unique shelf presence in a competitive space,” said Thierry Fabozzi, president.

Robinson joined PTI in 2017 as director of business development and innovation. He brings to the company more than 30 years of experience in a wide variety of industries including packaging, orthopedic products and medical devices.

Robinson has a strong track record in understanding the brand owner’s packaging needs and how to help translate them into commercial successes. He’s an expert in managing project teams and finding solutions to challenging problems

Prior to joining PTI, Robinson was director of business development for Kaleidoscope Imaging, a brand consultancy focused on strategy, design and prototyping. For more than 20 years, he also was president and chief executive officer of Vantage Orthopedics, a manufacturer of orthopedic bracing products.  

Over the past three decades, major brand owners have partnered with PTI to push material and structural packaging boundaries. PTI has been the silent partner behind many of the world’s most innovative packaging introductions.