PolyOne features ColorMatrix gas barrier solutions for food and beverage packaging at Feiplastic 2013

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ColorMatrix, a subsidiary of PolyOne Corporation and a global leader in liquid color and additives for plastics, is showcasing specialized oxygen barrier solutions at Feiplastic 2013 this week in Brazil (Stand D68). These barrier solutions, including Amosorb™ and Amosorb™ SolO2concentrates, help customers in Latin America maintain brand integrity by preserving quality and extending the shelf life of their products.

“PolyOne offers high-performance ColorMatrix barrier solutions that enable processors to manage product protection for oxygen-sensitive contents in a precise way, while enjoying the increased sustainability and total cost-in-use improvements that are possible with lighter weight PET materials,” explains Cristina Sato, general manager, ColorMatrix Latin America. 

The benefits customers receive from these specialty gas barrier formulations include:

Container light weighting: Brands can switch to lighter weight PET packaging for lower energy- and cost-intensive transportation compared to alternative materials. The ability to reduce PET wall thickness without compromising product protection helps deliver additional raw material and distribution savings.

Processing and purchasing flexibility: Amosorb™ and Amosorb™ SolO2concentrates can be used with any grade of PET for mono and multi-layer containers and thermoformed sheet applications. Formulations can be easily added to existing PET pellet melt systems for operational efficiency.

Food safety and enhanced recyclability: ColorMatrix gas barrier additives are 100% recyclable and meet global food safety regulations.

Added to the base resin, Amosorb™ and Amosorb™ SolO2 concentrates provide an active barrier against oxygen ingress to extend the shelf life of non-carbonated products such as wine, fruit juices, teas, UHT milk and tomato-based products. For carbonated beverages such as beer and sparkling wines, Amosorb™ SolO2 concentrate delivers active O2 scavenging performance together with a passive oxygen / CO2 barrier to prolong shelf life.

PolyOne is also featuring additional ColorMatrix specialty solutions at Feiplastic, including liquid colorants for thermoplastics and a range of additives designed to improve aesthetics and processing performance for injection molded applications.

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