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PolyOne barrier technologies enable sustainability and recyclability in packaging

| Barrier materials | PolyOne | Cleveland | United States

PolyOne Corporation (NYSE: POL), a leader in advanced technologies for packaging, today announced that its barrier additives are increasing sustainability and design freedom while extending shelf life and lightweighting options for packaging manufacturers.

According to leading market research firms, in-demand barrier technologies affect not only shelf life, but also brand integrity, product aesthetics, lightweighting, and ultimately, recyclability. <org value="NYSE:POL" idsrc="">PolyOne</org> develops its additives collaboratively with brands and packaging manufacturers while addressing key global pressures to reduce both food waste and the environmental impact of packaging.

Lactra SX is an outstanding example. This technology protects light-sensitive dairy products such as ultra-pasteurized milk and protein-enhanced yogurts from photo-induced degradation by providing 99.99% UV and visible-light blocking. In addition, it allows design-friendly, single-layer PET containers to perform on par with multi-layer bottles and laminate paperboard cartons, requiring less material and reducing production waste for increased sustainability. For this reason, Lactra SX was recently awarded the China Sustainable Packaging Award 2017 from M.<org>Success Media Group</org>, organizers of the annual <org>China Package Technology Innovation & Sustainable Development Forum</org>.

"Our packaging customers are continually seeking novel ways to improve recyclability and increase sustainability, while maintaining or extending product protection and shelf life," said
<person>Robert M. Patterson</person>, chairman, president and CEO, <org value="NYSE:POL" idsrc="">PolyOne Corporation</org>. "As a market leader in oxygen, light, and UV barrier solutions for the packaging market, we continue to develop technologies that enable manufacturers to achieve these goals."

At its upcoming Investor Day on <chron>May 10, 2018</chron>, <org value="NYSE:POL" idsrc="">PolyOne</org> plans to present additional details about barrier technology innovation as one of several high-growth focus areas that underpin the company's expectation of delivering double digit EPS growth in 2018 and beyond.