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#PlasticPackaging à la ALPLA: Aerosol in a PET Bottle

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This PET packaging solution for aerosols combines benefits for consumers and for the environment. It is suitable for a variety of applications, from deodorants to sunscreens and even room fragrances.

Unlike aluminium or tin cans, this plastic bottle from ALPLA is extremely light and shock-resistant. The warm surface and transparent appearance along with the wide range of designs make this packaging solution particularly appealing for cosmetic products. The light weight results in less material being used and lower freight expenses, impacting positively on the carbon footprint. The bottle consists completely of PET and is therefore optimal for recycling. In addition, the internal coating that is quite typical for aluminium or tin cans is not needed for the PET bottle.

  • Technology: ISBM
  • Bottle material: PET
  • Volume: from 10 to 220 millilitres (based on current EU legislation)
  • Propellant: nitrogen or LPG (organic solutions also possible)
  • High heat and pressure resistance (65°C/9.5 bar)
  • No interior coating necessary, ultra-fine atomisation of the contents
  • Lightweight: low CO2 emissions during production and transport
  • Ideal recyclability through existing recycling flows; container can be disposed of in the recycling sack/bin.
  • High design freedom: various shapes, sizes and surfaces can be realised
  • The transparent finish makes the product stand out on the retail shelf, giving it authenticity.
  • Decoration: sticker, sleeve
  • Market-ready packaging solution
  • Your contact at ALPLA: Daniel Lehner, Sales Director Western Europe

‘This packaging solution stands out from other products at first glance, particularly visually. Its transparency and elegant appearance are prominent features at the point of sale. A second glance, however, reveals the sustainability of this innovative product. Aerosol PET can be recycled well, is ultra-lightweight and reduces CO2 emissions.’

Daniel Lehner, Sales Director Western Europe