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Pharmaceutical PET containers: customer specific variations

| End-user industry | PackSys Gmbh | Starnberg | Germany

The PET cans and bottle series can be used in a wide range of applications. Standard models as well as customised productions and designs are available which are a high-grade alternative to pharmaceutical bottles made of glass.

The variability of the PET cans and bottle series is almost unbeatable. The cans, syrup-, medical- and Meplat-bottles are available in numerous versions, sizes and colours: 

  • standard colours include translucent, white, brown, blue (further colours available on request)
  • bottle series in sizes 30 ml to 1 litre
  • cans in sizes 100 ml to 10 litre
  • combinable as a system with various caps (tamper-evident or child-proof cap possible), different inlays (conical seal or inlay, cast ring, PE foam inlay) and dosage aids
  • optionally as cleanroom production (class 10.000)
  • optionally in a cleanpack
  • in customized design (sleeve labelling e.g.)

For the PET bottle also proves itself as a high-grade plastic alternative to pharmaceutical bottles made of glass in the pharmaceutical field, PACKSYS gladly will present you the PET pharmaceutical-grade bottle series, i.e. pharmaceutically compliant production with pharmaceutical materials, upon request.