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Bottle Development - Case Study

PET bottle development for Credata Tassoni

| Blow Moulding & Coating | DEMO design and moulds | San Vendemiano (TV) | Italy

In Italy, Tassoni has always been synonymous with citron beverages -beloved and acknowledged by consumers as an icon of style that truly represents the concept of the Made in Italy standard and traditionally sold in the typical glass bottle.


Tassoni entrusted DEMO with the development and creation of its new version of the bottle in PET stretch blow moulding designed for a specific sales channel. The essential request of the client was to launch a PET bottle on the market which could be easily associated with its iconic glass bottle. The DEMO experts carried out a meticulous study of a champagne bottle bottom suited to resisting the pressure created by the CO2 contained in the product to avoid insufficient base clearance. The surface of the bottle was given a topcoat with an attractive texture resulting in a new iconic version in PET.

Product: CSD
Year: 2018
Company: Cedral Tassoni Spa
Brand: Tassoni Soda
Format: 0.250 Litre
Pre-form: PCO 1881
Technology: Cold- Fill

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