Photo credit: DEMO

Bottle Development: Case Study

PET bottle development for Bevande Futuriste

| Blow Moulding & Coating | DEMO Design and Mould | San Vendemiano (TV) | Italy

Bevande Futuriste is an Italian company that has been introducing a modern and original drinking culture since day one, loved by men and women alike.

The company - a touchstone for luxury cafés, eateries and hotel businesses - requested that DEMO develop and design the shape of its new PET bottles for its Ho.Re.Ca. channel and to supervise the industrialization of product lines with Nitro-Hot-Fill technology. The DEMO solution focuses on the elegance of the container (which embodies the brand’s values) and on the sleeve label enveloping the bottle (which creates a single curved shape) – ideal for conveying the company’s mission and philosophy.

Product: Tea
Year: 2017
Company: Bevande Futuriste Srl
Brand: Amatè
Format: 0.355 Litre
Pre-form: 38 mm Bericap
Technology: Nitro- Hot- Fill