Additives for Opaque PET

Omya introduces OmyaPET, a new and cost-effective opacifier for white opaque PET packaging

| Material technology | Omya International AG | Oftringen | Switzerland

Omya International AG is pleased to announce the launch of OmyaPET, a new product family of functionalized Calcium Carbonates for PET applications.

The market introduction will begin in Europe and will be step-wise enlarged to other Regions.

OmyaPET is a new and cost-effective opacifier for the production of white opaque PET bottles or white opaque BOPET film and ensures a lower environmental footprint in e.g. UHT milk bottles. OmyaPET improves the production costs for bottles without compromising on mechanical and optical properties.

OmyaPET meets EU 10/2011 food contact requirements and is made from highly selected products certified by Bureau Veritas as 100% recycled material.

This new product family reflects the company’s commitment to offering sustainable and innovative solutions to the polymer industry.


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