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PCR film

NOVA Chemicals debuts film structure designs formulated with PCR

| Sheets & Films | NOVA Chemicals | Calgary, Alberta | Canada

NOVA Chemicals Corporation (NOVA Chemicals) has developed a series of customizable film structure designs formulated with post-consumer resin (PCR). The film structures, which incorporate post-consumer low-density and linear low-density polyethylene (rLDPE/LLDPE), can be tailored to meet the demands of film applications including heavy-duty sack, collation shrink, stretch film, agricultural film, trash bags and liners, food packaging and protective packaging for e-commerce, such as bubble wrap and air pillows

Greg DeKunder, vice president, polyethylene marketing, NOVA Chemicals, said the new film structure designs further advance the company’s commitment to supporting industry-wide adoption of PCR. “The introduction of these film structure designs is one of several initiatives we are pursuing to make it easier and more practical for the industry and our customers to incorporate PCR into new packaging and products,” he explained. “The addition of our portfolio of PCR will allow NOVA Chemicals to be a one-stop supplier for our customers’ virgin and recycled polyethylene needs.”

The film structure designs also are a vital step in helping consumer brands meet their ambitious sustainability goals, according to Monika Kleczek, circular economy market manager, NOVA Chemicals. “The PCR teams at our Innovation Centres are working closely with film producers, converters and brand owners to design high-performance PCR-content consumer packaging,” she said. “Together, they are accelerating commercialization of these packages and advancing the circular economy.”

Last year, NOVA Chemicals entered into agreements with Merlin Plastics and Revolution to supply PCR that NOVA Chemicals will sell to its customers. The company also introduced a suite of ready-to-recycle resins in 2019, which, in their virgin state, are designed to compensate for the potentially degraded physical performance of recycled content in film structures. Customers seeking to incorporate PCR into their film designs also are supported by NOVA Chemicals’ Innovation Centres, which are staffed by a dedicated team of PCR experts and equipped with industry-leading production, conversion and testing equipment.

Nancy Conley, technical service specialist, NOVA Chemicals, will co-present a case study on sustainable packaging with Emmerson Packaging at the Pet Sustainability Coalition’s (PSC) virtual UnPacked21 conference on February 23 at 1:40PM ET. The same day, Jared Taylor, additives technology scientist, NOVA Chemicals, will present original research findings on PE-PCR emissions during conversion at the SPE Polyolefins International conference. NOVA Chemicals Technical Service Specialist Fraser Waldie is presenting on PCR incorporation in shrink films at the TAPPI 2021 International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Division Virtual Conference on March 17, and NOVA Chemicals will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the Association of Plastics Recyclers’ Plastics Recycling Conference, April 7-8.