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Fuze Tea: New recipe & made from 100% rPET

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Coca-Cola Netherlands announced that Fuze Tea is now switching to a new pulled tea recipe and all their PET bottles will be made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET).

Made from pulled tea

After the successful introduction of Fuze Tea on the Dutch market at the beginning of 2018, all Fuze Tea varieties are now switching to a new recipe made with pulled tea instead of dried tea extract. The familiar taste of Fuze Tea is retained. Fuze Tea has eight flavor variants: Black Tea Peach Hibiscus, Black Tea Lemon Lemongrass, Black Tea Peach, Black Tea Apple Cinnamon, Green Tea, Green Tea Mango Chamomile, Green Tea Lime Mint and the new flavor Green Tea Blueberry Jasmine . The latter is a Fuze Tea Limited Edition variant and is available from week 10.

From green to transparent

The originally green PET bottles - all Fuze Tea Green Tea variants - are now also transparent in color. In this way, the plastic packaging can be recycled more easily and with high quality into new bottles. Anouk van Huissteden, brand manager new beverages at The Coca-Cola Company: "From now on, all PET bottles from Fuze Tea are made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET). By opting for transparent bottles, we can achieve large-scale and with collect a continuous stream of transparent PET and use it as a raw material for new packaging. " 

In the Netherlands, more than 26 million Fuze Tea bottles are made every year from 100% recycled plastic. This way, Coca-Cola in the Netherlands saves over half a million kilos of new plastic and around 40% in CO2 emissions. All packaging is and remains 100% recyclable, including the label and the cap. Fuze Tea is not the first Coca-Cola brand in the Netherlands to switch to bottles made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET). Last year, Chaudfontaine switched to completely recycled plastic bottles.