Matthias Hermle hands over the CEO position of IMD Ltd. to Marc Wymann

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The company owner and founder, Matthias Hermle (pictured left), will focus on his role as active Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMD Ltd. and CAPrint Ltd.

Marc Wymann will take over as the new CEO of IMD Ltd. on November 1, 2021. After a transition period of 3 months, he will take over the executive lead from company founder, Matthias Hermle. Matthias Hermle will then focus on the strategic area of IMD Ltd. and CAPrint Ltd. as active Chairman of the Board of Directors and support innovations.

Everything has its season. IMD Ltd. is in a good position, stable and ready to grow further. After more than 25 years in the lead of IMD Ltd., the perfect time has come for Matthias Hermle to hand over into new hands and take care of the strategic area. He will actively support the management in order to align IMD Ltd. well for the future in the medium and long term. He sees a lot of potential in approaching innovations differently.

With Marc Wymann, he has found a successor who fits perfectly into the IMD family. With his passion for technology and sales, a flair for employee management, business know-how and a backpack full of management experience, he is ideally equipped to lead the IMD family into the future together with the well- established management team and the employees.

«I’m not coming to turn everything upside down, I’m coming to support and develop what already exists», tells Marc Wymann about his goals. During his introduction period, he first wants to get to know the company with all its employees, customers, processes and all the other exciting facets and understand how the market works. His main goal is to continue the company, which has been successfully built up over the past 25 years, in the spirit of the company’s founder, to optimize where reasonable and to break new ground where appropriate.


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