New patented technology

LiquiGlide: New technology allows viscous liquids to flow with ease and brings advantages for packaging and production processes - partner Colgate packs toothpaste in PET, further partnerships

| Global themes | PETnology Editorial Staff | Cambridge, Massachusetts | United States

According to the company, US-based LiquiGlide, owner of the patented technology that eliminates the friction between solids and liquids, has closed a $ 13.5 million financing round and new partnerships with Colgate and the Mibelle Group. The company has now raised a total of $ 50 million.

As stated, LiquiGlide's patented technology removes friction, allowing thick, slow-moving liquids to flow. Via safe and sustainable solutions that meet safety and regulatory standards, advancements in packaging, manufacturing, and medical devices are possible.

Co-founder and CEO Dave Smith claims the firm's technology has redefined the possibilities of working with thick, slow-moving liquids and will continue to expand market presence. In partnership with LiquiGlide, Colgate has introduced a transformational, clear, PET, recyclable toothpaste package for the European market that allows toothpaste to dispense more easily.

In addition, the company has announced that it is partnering with the Mibelle Group to eliminate manufacturing waste and with leading industrial designer Yves Béhar to create elegant, no-waste, sustainable packaging for a line of health and beauty products.

LiquiGlide now prepares to expand its technology into more applications. Professor Kripa Varanasi, co-founder and Chairman, emphasizes a mission to change the paradigm across industries to usher in sustainable products and processes and improve patient outcomes.