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''Beyond Juice'' PET Bottle

Made for Recycling: KHS' first PET bottle made of 100% recyclate with a barrier

| Material technology | KHS | Dortmund | Germany

Beyond Juice is the result of a project launched in answer to one of the most pressing issues of our day and age – how to avoid waste by recycling packaging. Beyond Juice is committed to the concept of the full circular economy and combines several sustainable KHS approaches to this in a single container. The packaging system has thus earned top marks from recycling specialist Interseroh.

It is fully recyclable and at the same time provides maximum product protection for sensitive beverages: the innovative Beyond Juice PET bottle consists entirely of recyclate and shows saving on resources does not mean compromising on quality. KHS have developed it to provide a concrete answer to the current debate on packaging and to meet the demands of producers of sensitive beverages such as fruit juice, spritzers or wine. The aim of the project was to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible while making a sizeable contribution to the circular economy. The result is a container concept which intelligently combines KHS’ key sustainability developments, improves the PET bottle’s CO2 balance by up to 60% and has been granted the Made for Recycling seal by recycling specialist Interseroh. In line with the strategic objective of “reduce, reuse, recycle” Beyond Juice adheres to the concept of sustainability throughout the entire value chain – from a bottle design which can be perfectly recycled through excellent product protection and energy- and resource-efficient production to the full return of the packaging to the secondary raw materials loop.

Shelf lives up to ten times longer thanks to recyclable protective coating for rPET

The bottle is made of 100% recyclate and can again be bottle-to-bottle recycled after use. This is made possible by our FreshSafe PET® technology which provides optimum product protection with the innovative glass-like coating on the inside of the bottle. As opposed to other barrier systems the SiOx coating can be completely removed from the PET material during the standard recycling process, thereby producing pure recyclate which can be fully reused. The product and freshness protection provided by FreshSafe PET® is perfect for juice and other sensitive products. This ultra-thin layer means that the aforementioned products keep up to ten times longer than products filled into uncoated plastic bottles. This protective layer both prevents oxygen or other unwanted substances from penetrating the bottle and CO2 or valuable ingredients from escaping from it.

Individual bottle design with small labels

With the Bottles & ShapesTM program containers can be individually designed according to customer requirements. KHS supports the entire process from the first sketched ideas to final production and can thus ensure that materials are used as effectively as possible from bottle manufacture to disposal and reuse.

In close cooperation with recycling specialist Interseroh the company has therefore developed the optimum bottle design: in an attempt to appeal to the emotions of the consumer – even without a conspicuous label – the bottle has an attractive, all-round surface structure or embossing. This relief print is a real eye-catcher on the shelves. Julian Thielen, project manager for recycling-ready packaging at Interseroh, says, “Together with designers, engineers and sales employees we discussed what the optimum eco-friendly bottle could look like, how large the label must be and which material it should be made of.” The appropriate adhesive was also selected with a view to sustainability: the combination of self-adhesive PP label and glue is recognized by the EPBP and APR. The adhesive is soluble at between 60°C and 80°C and can thus be completely removed. Last but not least we also applied our film-free Nature MultiPack™ to the Beyond Juice project. This pioneering packaging system which is unique to the market holds bottles together with nothing more than a few dots of adhesive, thus saving up to 85% in secondary packaging.

Awarded the Made for Recycling seal

For its unrestricted recyclability Beyond Juice has been awarded top marks and the Made for Recycling seal by Interseroh (earning 20 out of a maximum of 20 points).

The accolade has a sound scientific basis: the recycling specialist defined the seal criteria in cooperation with the bifa environmental institute and the scientific method has been confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV).

„Our customers ask themselves what consumers are asking and we ask ourselves what our customers are asking: which technologies can KHS supply to reduce the amount of packaging material? What can we do to increase the recyclability of our PET packaging, to make it even easier to return to the recycling loop?“

Philipp Langhammer, Product manager for barrier technology, KHS

„For beverage producers the recyclability criterion of their packaging will become just as important as the aspects of product protection, convenience and attractiveness.“

Julian Thielen, Project manager for recycling-ready packaging, Interseroh

The benefits of the Beyond Juice container in brief

Recyclate for a circular economy

The new Beyond Juice bottle consistently adheres to the principles of sustainability and reuse. It is made of 100% rPET and has been developed so that it leaves as small an ecological footprint as possible while satisfying the highest demands for quality. It therefore makes a considerable contribution to the establishment of a sustainable circular economy.

Product protection

The innovative FreshSafe PET® technology covers the inside of the rPET bottle with an ultra-thin layer. It ensures that the quality of products such as juice or other sensitive beverages is protected: taste, vitamins and color keep for up to ten times longer than in standard PET containers. This also actively helps to prevent food waste.


Not one but several factors ensure that the innovative rPET bottle is fully recyclable. Thanks to the application of FreshSafe PET® Beyond Juice does not need any of the usual additives and thus makes pure bottle-to-bottle recycling possible. Small labels with a suitable adhesive can also be easily and completely removed – a key factor in the recyclability of the plastic.

Up to 85% less packaging

Thanks to KHS’ Nature MultiPackTM technology the company can do away with shrink film completely when forming bottle packs. Innovative, resource-saving dots of adhesive hold the bottles firmly together in groups of six while enabling easy removal of each individual container. This saves up to 85% in secondary packaging materials.


KHS has worked closely with recycling specialist Interseroh right from the very start – also in order to satisfy scientifically-sound criteria for the recyclability of the new packaging. Thanks to this exchange of expertise our Beyond Juice bottle has now been issued with the Made for Recycling seal and awarded top marks.