The SleeveWatcher: The new vision inspection system for sleeve labels. (Photo credit: INTRAVIS)


INTRAVIS: new SleeveWatcher system

| Decoration technologies | INTRAVIS GmbH | Aachen | Germany

A new era is now starting for every producer of sleeve labeled products. The SleeveWatcher is the first system exclusively designed for this particular type of label. With its specially adapted hardware and software, the SleeveWatcher is ideally prepared for sleeve-specific challenges such as a glossy surface or unusual object shapes.

To ensure that only perfect products reach your customers, the SleeveWatcher conducts a 360° label inspection at speeds of up to 15 objects per second.

In addition to sorting out defective products, the SleeveWatcher, like every INTRAVIS system, provides you with comprehensive product-related quality data. Special attention is paid to sleeve-specific defect types such as smiling and frowning effects or distortion. The combination of its data and your expert knowledge helps you to identify trends at an early stage and to take appropriate countermeasures in a timely manner - resulting in a production that always remains active at an optimum level.

The exportable reports of the SleeveWatcher also support you in informing your customers extensively about the quality of your delivery.



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