The new thermoforming system IC-RDKL 80. (Photo credit: ILLIG)


ILLIG presents new technological developments for sustainable packaging solutions

| Business function | ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG | Heilbronn | Germany
  • With the theme "Circular Thinking!"
  • IML-T® applications in high demand
  • New! Brilliantly decorated lids with IML-T®
  • A new breakthrough in performance: 4th generation ILLIG thermoformer
  • Digital transformation in thermoforming

ILLIG Maschinenbau, the systems provider for thermoforming machines and tools, will be presenting multiple technological novelties at the industry's most important trade fair, the K in Düsseldorf, from October 16 to 23. At this year's stand A52 in hall 3, the focus will be on sustainable packaging solutions according to the theme of circular thinking with aspects such as Designed for Recycling and Eco Design. The responsible management of plastics and striving towards a closed circular economy are very important to ILLIG as a traditional family business and pioneer in the thermoforming industry. ILLIG is constantly pushing forward with new developments within the context of their 360° tailor-made packaging development, Pactivity®.

New sustainable IML-T® Cardboard application

ILLIG will be presenting a number of new developments in both their tool and machine business segments. Among them is the new, designed-for-recycling plastic-cardboard combination pack IML-T® Cardboard that can be decorated on both sides and whose plastic inlay easily separates from the outer cardboard layer. A team of ILLIG Pactivity® experts from interdisciplinary fields came up with this innovative packaging solution to meet the demands of being designed for recycling and having an eco design. The team of ILLIG engineers preserved what was good, fine-tuned the existing technology and added new improvements. This innovative packaging solution can be produced on all ILLIG IML-T® machine lines and offers new possibilities of decorating in thermoforming.

New! Brilliantly decorated lids with IML-T®

With yet another first-to-market IML-T® innovation that was also developed with recycling in mind, ILLIG will be demonstrating cups made of rPET with easily separable paper labels. Come and see for yourself at the integrated packaging lab set up at the trade fair stand. To go along with this innovation, ILLIG has also set a new milestone in thermoforming technology. For the first time, ILLIG will be showcasing its new thermoforming system IC-RDKL 80 at the K 2019. The IML-T® system produces brilliantly decorated lids made from rPET to complement decorated cups that are also made of rPET. This makes ILLIG the world's only one-source supplier of multiple IML-T® thermoforming systems in response to the increasing market demand for IML-T® applications.

A new breakthrough in performance: 4th generation ILLIG thermoformer

Another innovation being showcased at the K is the first 4th-generation thermoformer. The new production system IC-RDM 76K features unprecedented performance with a completely new drive system and significantly more closing force. The machine will be producing drinking cups made of recycled PET. Witness the impressive performance of the newly designed compact thermoforming system.

Digital transformation in thermoforming

ILLIG will be showcasing developments in digitization in thermoforming at the K 2019 that aim to significantly increase the overall availability and thus also the productivity of ILLIG systems. ILLIG Connectivity securely connects the customer's thermoforming production systems into his network, enabling them to be better integrated into his value-added chain. Connectivity optimizes job and process control, and facilitates data exchange, logging and archiving. Further steps in Connectivity in terms of Industry 4.0 will also be presented at the K 2019.

With the presentation of the newly developed machines and innovative applications, ILLIG has once again set a new milestone as the technology leader in thermoforming. Discover circular thinking at ILLIG and visit one of Germany's most innovative companies at the K 2019 trade fair (Stand A 52 in Hall 3).