HUBER Packaging Group moves under the umbrella of the Envases Group

| Business function | HUBER Packaging Group | Öhringen | Germany

Envases Europe A / S, a company of the Envases Group, a leading global manufacturer of consumer goods packaging, has signed an agreement to acquire Huber Packaging Group. The acquisition, which is still pending review by the competition authorities, is expected to close in the first quarter of 2021. Financing for the transaction has already been fully committed.

The Huber Packaging Group, based in Öhringen, Germany, has locations in Germany, England, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. Envases Europe A / S employs 1,100 people in Europe with production facilities in Denmark, Sweden and Holland and supplies customers in more than 30 countries. By adding 900 employees and 6 production sites to the Huber Packaging Group, Envases Europe will expand to 2,000 employees and 13 production sites.

Envases Europe A / S Chief Executive Officer Brian Nielsen explains: “We are delighted with the acquisition of Huber Packaging Group. Building on the position of Envases Europe A / S in the European packaging market for food, the European presence of the Envases Group in the important segment for industrial packaging will be significantly increased. "

Martin Lüer, CEO of the Huber Packaging Group, sees this change as very positive: “We look forward to becoming part of a strong family company. Under the umbrella of the Envases Group, we see opportunities to successfully develop the Huber Packaging Group further. The acquisition gives us the drive we need for a successful future and enables us to support our customers with even better service. "