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High Quality PET-Blow Molds made in Germany

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Competence from the development to the test run - KIEFER mold technologies

KIEFER Werkzeugbau GmbH, continues on an innovation course. The company has been active in the field of tool and mold making for the plastics processing industry for 30 years. Global corporations from the packaging and food industry are also among the customers, as regional SMEs.

Synergy effects of thermoforming are being used and since 2004, KIEFER has developed
an important player in the field of blow molding. As an independent mold maker, we produce blow molds for all popular rotary blower machines from KRONES, SIDEL, KHS-SIG, SIPA and for linear blow-molding machines from ADS, ARCOR, BEKUM, KOSME, MAG, SIDE, SIP, TETRA PAK.

KIEFER stands for research and development, innovative design in light-weight, low-pressure base design and fast-changing systems, one-stage process, big container design - up to 30 l, as well as prototyping and test runs in the company-specific competition Center.

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