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Packaging Development

Greiner Packaging: Healthy salads in attractive, convenient, and sustainable packaging

| Blow Moulding & Coating | Stefan Ebli, Greiner Packaging | Kremsmünster | Austria

Demand for healthy, delicious, ready-to-eat meals is booming – and this is also boosting demand for packaging that’s easy to transport, with contents that can be conveniently consumed on the go. Greiner Packaging’s design and prototyping department, DesPro, demonstrates that there are always more new, innovative ideas to satisfy these needs. DesPro works closely with customers – in dedicated workshops, in some cases – to develop packaging designs for both existing and new products that appeal to consumers, provide ideal protection for the contents, and also meet current expectations with respect to sustainability.

Exceptional design with sustainable credentials

A perfect example of an innovative packaging idea – for the salad market, for example – is a plastic container with the appearance of a glass jar. This highly transparent packaging makes an impact at first glance: Because the tub looks like glass, the contents are immediately visible and catch the consumer’s attention straightaway. In addition, the glass jar appearance conveys a sense of trust and quality while giving the product a “homemade” character. The packaging is perfect for stacking, so large quantities take up minimal space in transportation – which helps reduce CO2 emissions. A further plus in terms of sustainability comes thanks to the transparent plastic, which is 100 percent recyclable since the packaging features almost no elaborate decoration. Utilizing a resealable lid eliminates the need for film, thus improving recyclability. Plus, the tub has an airtight seal when closed, ensuring that the food packed in it has a long shelf life. The lid and tub can be manufactured from the same material and disposed of together. Moreover, the packaging can be equipped with an additional top cup – a container within the lid that can be used to store extra ingredients such as nuts or croutons separately from the main product.