Food-grade compressed air

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Energy cost savings, as well as outstanding reliability, efficiency and durability – Kaeser Kompressoren demonstrates innovative compressed air solutions that prove it’s possible to deliver maximum quality at an economical price. 

Applications involving foodstuffs require quality compressed air treatment at all times - Kaeser’s range of oil-free compression rotary screw compressors was designed specifically with this need in mind. When combined with the innovative i.HOC rotation dryer, these innovative systems not only deliver highly efficient and economical performance, but also reliably achieve stable pressure dew points to minus 30  degrees Celsius.

Oil-free and space-saving

The new Contain-Air product solution from Kaeser also provides an excellent source of oil-free compression compressed air. Integrated inside a standard shipping container, these powerful yet compact compressed air stations feature a CSG or DSG-series rotary screw compressor equipped with an integrated rotation dryer. Oil-free compression is used to produce quality compressed air. Since the container can be flexibly positioned anywhere on company property (a flat surface is the only requirement), there’s no need for costly investment in a separate compressor room. These compact compressed air stations also reliably and efficiently deliver oil-free compression compressed air with a pressure dew point to -30°C.

Sigma Air Manager 4.0

The Sigma Air Manager 4.0 is a must for any application where optimal compressed air station control is required. This advanced compressed air management system perfectly coordinates all of the components within a compressed air system whilst also ensuring maximum availability and energy efficiency at all times – thanks to its improved 3D-Advanced Control. Aside from these key functions, it also serves as the central hub and key requirement for enabling Industrie 4.0 services, such as permanent energy management and predictive maintenance.