Two new SmartFlex® lines in Poland and Slovenia.(Photo credit: Bandera)

New lines

Flexibility & innovation: Bandera hits the market with two SmartFlex® lines in Poland and Slovenia

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Greater flexibility is the key aspect that makes the SmartFlex® lines the most appreciated and required by customers among the other Bandera Blown Film technologies.

This range of machines allows the processing of several materials and films, with an excellent sustained output.

The SmartFlex® lines also offer many more advantages, such as:

• Competitive investment level  

• Low energy consumption

• Easy management 

Recently, two SmartFlex® lines have been delivered to two producers from Eastern Europe: one in Poland and one in Slovenia. 

End products that both the customers will produce from their new lines are: shrink film for bottles and cans, shrink-hood film, lamination and converting film.

Main technical features of the two plants: Materials:

• LDPE, EVA, LLDPE, mLLDPE and blends with MDPE, HDPE, coPP

• The possibility to process biodegradable and compostable resins

Output: 400 ÷ 500 kg/h   Thickness range: 20 ÷ 200 μm  Layflat: 2200 mm net