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ESKA moves to 100% recycled plastic bottles in 2020

| Material technology | ESKA Natural Spring Water | Québec | Canada

ESKA Natural Spring Water has announced it will convert its entire line of non-carbonated, bottled water products to 100% recycled plastic bottles by April 1, 2020. In partnership with Plastrec, a Quebec based manufacturer of recycled plastic (rPET), this move underscores the company's commitment in helping to support Canada's circular economy.

As a natural spring water, the preservation and protection of the environment is a core value for ESKA. As a category leader and member of the Quebec and broader Canadian community, ESKA seeks to do its part in helping to reduce waste, use natural resources more efficiently and support a sustainable future. Using 100% recycled plastic provides new life for used plastic, eliminates the manufacturing of new, virgin plastic and highlights the importance of creating a closed loop system of recycling and reuse. In fact, all of ESKA's new rPET bottles are sourced from Quebec's Blue Box and other municipal recycling system and are themselves 100% recyclable.

"Our Natural Spring water is unique and our consumers love the fact it is pure and untreated. We are commited to improving our packaging by using a 100% recycled plastic bottle" said Michel McArthur, Chief Operating Officer, ESKA Inc.  '"Recycling has evolved over the years from giving packaging material a second life to a circular economy where the material gets reused continuously.  We are firm believers in a Quebec/Canadian circular economy so we can deliver our product with the smallest environmental footprint possible.  We were looking for a local partner that can supply a very high quality, clear food grade rPET. Plastrec is the ideal partner for us. "

Founded in 1992, Plastrec is a leading North American manufacturer who has pioneered the development of food grand recycled PET from post-consumer containers. Plastrec's state of the art process provides superior quality recycled PET across all product applications.