Ekopet releases new PET grade

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A distinguishing feature of EKOPET 64 FG grade is lack of modifying additives in the chemical composition. EKOPET 64 FG is a homopolymer, additionally, the grade is characterized by a low viscosity value.

EKOPET 64 FG grade is produced based on the process cycle of high-viscosity grades with the following modified parameters:

  • Reduced viscosity polymer at the inlet of Discage reactor
  • Reduced on-process (polymer) temperature
  • Reduced level in the conditioning silo

Ekopet 64 FG PET grade with excellent technical specifications is the perfect choice for production of BOPET films. BOPET films are used for the manufacture of food packaging, thin-walled containers for pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, cosmetics; they are also used to protect gadgets, as a protective film for tinted windows of cars and houses, microelectronics and other applications.

Ekopet 64 FG can also be used for production of polyester fibers, which subsequently serve as the material for industrial-use nonwovens used in the automotive industry, geotextile production, construction, filtration, furniture production, polymer coatings and other fields.