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Shrink film

Eastman launches new portfolio for shrink film at the SPC Impact conference

| Sheets & Films | Kingsport | United States

Eastman will be launching its latest portfolio featuring the newest members of the Eastman Embrace™ family of resins for shrink film at the SPC Impact Conference, April 1-4 at the Westin Seattle in Seattle, Washington.

The Eastman Smart Recycle Portfolio offers three solutions, including two new resins that increase the recyclability of shrinklabeled PET packaging.

The Embrace family of resins sets the standard in the industry for high-performing shrink films that enable 360-degree graphics and eye-catching designs for unique, highly contoured packaging. Now with three recyclability solutions for shrink film, brand owners can choose a resin that works best for them without sacrificing sustainability goals:

  • Eastman Embrace Encore™ copolyester forms a versatile, clear shrink label that can be recycled with PET.
  • Eastman Embrace Float™ copolyester forms an opaque, low-density shrink label that floats in water and can be separated from PET in the recycling process.
  • Sun Chemical SunLam™ De-seaming Adhesive replaces a traditional solvent seam, enabling label removal in the wet recycling process when used with labels made with Eastman Embrace resins.

“We’re excited to debut this innovative new portfolio at SPC Impact,” said Kendra Harrold, marketing director, Specialty Plastics – Packaging, Eastman. “With more recyclable options, brands can feel confident in their ability to create engaging, attractive and sustainable packaging that meets the needs of any project.”

All three solutions within the Eastman Smart Recycle Portfolio are recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR). Both Embrace Encore and Embrace Float have received APR’s Critical Guidance recognition. Sun Chemical’s SunLam™ De-seaming Adhesive carries APR’s Responsible Innovation Acknowledgment.

Eastman will be exhibiting adjacent to event registration at the conference.