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Datepac: green packaging made from green post-consumer PET bottles

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Datepac has taken the bold step of packaging its Natural Delights® Medjool dates in 100% translucent green post-consumer plastic at a time when most processers opt for clear plastic packaging.

Datepac packs and ships medjool dates for the Natural Delights® Brand, the #1 brand of medjool dates in the United States. The rPET feed stock is supplied by PinnPACK, a subsidiary of CarbonLITE Holdings LLC, the world’s largest recycler of PET beverage containers. The Datepac dates are carried by Whole Foods, Costco, Kroger and other outlets.

Datepac packages its entire line of Natural Delights® Medjool dates in what is called PinnPACK Green packaging. Its commitment to sustainability drove the decision to literally go green with PinnPACK’s packaging made from recycled green plastic bottles of 7-UP, Sprite, Perrier and other beverages provided by CarbonLITE.

“Green-colored recycled plastics have been hard to find a home for because they are unconventional. People are used to seeing clear plastic packaging,” said David Baxter, Natural Delights’ brand manager. “We’re excited to take this step because it’s best for the environment and we believe for our customers. It means less plastic in the landfill and less use of virgin plastic.”

Said Ira Maroofian, president of CarbonLITE and PinnPACK Packaging: “We believe once our customers as well as consumers start seeing more and more green recycled packaging it will become commonplace. After all, the color green is already associated with sustainability and many products come in green packaging, particularly organic offerings. We are proud to be leading the way with Datepac. Ultimately, higher demand for higher recycled content will translate into better and more recycling, which will mean less plastic pollution.”

PinnPACK, which envisions increased acceptance of produce packaging in greencolored rPET, also uses its PinnPACK Green to make salad bowls for Health Nut, a Los Angeles-area restaurant chain. Health Nut has taken the same innovative step as Datepac and received positive customer feedback.

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