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The leading PET stretch blow molding machinery manufacturer in Taiwan co-operated with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) in the joint development of the new generation of CPSB-LSS8 linear machine, which improved the single-cavity output from 2250bph to 2500bph. 
Thus the final output is increased from 18,000bph to 20,000bph (ten percent boost in output rate). Its high output capacity and reliability are perfect for our global clients in the bottled-water or beverage industry.

CHUMPOWER not only constantly makes improvements on the machine output but also integrates the Industrial 4.0 elements into their products. Using infrared thermo sensors to gather the preform temperature data and applying the ANN (artificial neural network) principle to automatically compensate the oven’s heating temperature (optional), all preforms are heated uniformly and are not affected by the environment change. Each cavity's pressure is monitored to ensure bottle quality consistency of the CPSB-LSS8 stretch blow molding machine.

To meet the customers' needs to quickly change the bottle shape, CHUMPOWER stretch blow molding machine molds are self-made and have constant humidity and temperature to manufacture molds. CHUMPOWER uses the top-grade Swiss MIKRON processing machinery in the industry. Top-grade alloys such as the 7075 aluminum alloy and stainless steel guarantee the production of highly precise, wear-resistant, highly stable mold products.

The intelligent bottle blower production system BottleViewer developed by CHUMPOWER was awarded the TaipeiPlas 2018 Intelligent Machine Award. The BottleViewer gives you control over all production activities carried out by the CHUMPOWER blow molding machine in your factory, easily via a computer browser or handheld device, including production information, production history and machine status in real-time. In addition, the online service request and the maintenance reminder are available for the next service call so that you can make an appointment for the machine service right at your fingertip. The information collected from our machines is transmitted to us as soon as it is available. Users can even speak to our service technicians online, which makes maintenance a lot easier.

CHUMPOWER has 4 types of PET stretch blow molding machines to meet the needs of various customers, including the linear blow molding machine L series for high-capacity demand, the W/L series for wide-neck and large-volume bottles, the Phoenix series for economical production solutions, One-stage series with high-quality requirements.

CHUMPOWER offers one-stop services and comprehensive pre-inquiry services. We also have extensive discussions with R&D teams so that our engineering teams can meet customers' production needs or plan whole factory production lines, whether it is used in beverage bottles, water bottles, edible oil bottles, daily necessities packages, cosmetic packages, etc. So CHUMPOWER's stretch blow molding machines can help the customer complete the production of PET bottles with different capacities.


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