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Chumpower Bulk water packaging

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As the leader of stretch blow molding machines in Asia, Chumpower has recognized the recent trend in bulk water packaging.

It all started with preforms and caps.  Chumpower consults their clients with respect to the optimum preform weight. We help our customers to reduce preform weight for 12L self-collapsible containers and help our clients in designing preform molds or select proper preforms or caps for their application. Chumpower’s 2 cavity machine L2GM for 4-20L application produces 1,200 bph.  As for fillers, 3-in-1 filler featuring 12 rinse heads, 12 filling heads, and 4 cappers are used.  The containers are handled by the neck under the support ring while the bottom is being helt by a support base to ensure stability during filling.

Chumpower is the first supplier in Taiwan to offer an entire production line of self-collapsible containers for water cooler application. When  water is being consumed a vacuum is being created in the bottle - the bottle compresses itself. This prevents atmosphere air (might contains pollutant) from re-entering into the cooler causing contamination of the content. It’s a revolution which is starting to replace conventional reusable 5 gallon water containers. 

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