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CG Roxane announces rPET facility solar power installation and the winners of its California Youth Sustainability awards in celebration of America Recycles Day

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The company reflects on its commitment to sustainability in a further step toward a closed loop operation at its San Bernardino facility with the integration of solar power, and to its communities with the announcement of its California Youth Sustainability Awards winners, receiving $55,000 Across Six Prizes.

CG Roxane LLC, the privately held, family-owned and operated maker of Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water®, celebrates America Recycles Day and marks the completion of its San Bernardino recycled PET facility's second full year in operation with the announcement of its new of SolarEdge Smart Panels and the winners of its inaugural California Youth Sustainability Awards. These milestones honor the fruits of the company's commitment to sustainability and its communities, in particular today in its home state of California.

As the first U.S. beverage company to open an in-house recycled PET facility, CG Roxane's San Bernardino plant entered operation in November 2019, allowing it to meet its commitment to produce Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water® products with a minimum of 50% rPET on the West Coast. This road toward a more sustainable future for the company has earned it a place as the third highest percent of PCR usage in its products of any beverage manufacturer nationally.

"CG Roxane's engineers and community leaders have put us a decade ahead of California state's minimum PCR requirement legislation with our advancements in recycled PET at our plants and as known community resources," said CG Roxane Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Charles Calvat. "We believe to lead, one must take action, and CG Roxane's commitment to driving advancement in the sustainability arena and caring for its communities is paramount."

As part of its continued commitment to sustainability, CG Roxane's San Bernardino plant installed and put into operation SolarEdge Smart Panels as a means to pivot to an inexhaustible and clean energy resource reducing the power derived from fossil fuels. Since the panels were operationalized in June 2021, the facility is saving an average of nearly 250,000 pounds in CO2 emissions, about the equivalent of 1,872 trees planted per month. 

Its Benton, TN, facility is poised to open as CG Roxane's second in-house recycled PET plant in summer 2022 to support its goal to reach a minimum of 50% recycled PET content nationally. Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water® is bottled straight from the natural spring source, to limit carbon emissions through transporting materials and shipping.

CG Roxane also announced the winners of its inaugural California Youth Sustainability Awards, shedding light on young sustainability leaders, whose daily work and action for good must be acknowledged.

"Our California Youth Sustainability heroes have demonstrated two critical qualities that align with the company's values," said Calvat. "They have engaged in strong, practical, and meaningful on-the-ground actions to benefit their communities and the environment, and they are committing to raising awareness and educating their peers to build the foundation for the world they are actively contributing to shaping."

$55,000 will be awarded across six prizes.

CG Roxane takes pride in encouraging and inspiring California's young leaders to take an active stance for the planet, thereby empowering the next generation to fight for the environment and their communities.

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