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UK water company Belu becomes first to make all plastic bottles from 100% rPET

| Material technology | PETnology Writing Staff | London | United Kingdom

Note: UK bottled water firm Belu has announced that it is moving all of its bottles to 100% PET recycled plastic, as it has the lowest carbon footprint.

Belu supplies hotels, catering companies and restaurants, such as Pizza Hut, Shake Shack and Pure, with mineral water.

The company describes itself as a social enterprise that gives 100% of its profits to the water charity WaterAid, already given £4 million to help reaching more than 270 000 people with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

In accordance to Chief Executive Karen Lynch using 100% recycled plastic is the lowest carbon footprint option that can be part of the circular economy and the answer to the anti-plastics challenge.

The company claims that by moving to manufacturing 100% recycled PET plastic, it will generate about 60% less carbon emissions than a comparable virgin bottle and about half that of a typical aluminium can (which contains 70-73% recycled content).

Based on the company's provided information a standard 500ml carton still contains 35% plastic and 5% aluminium foil. Special processes are often needed to recycle them, and collection avenues are limited across the country meaning only 37% of UK cartons are recycled.