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The new Interseroh+ dual system has forged its first major strategic partnership: the “Recycling Alliance” will support the retail companies ALDI Nord and ALDI SÜD in achieving their clearly-formulated packaging mission. In combination with the comprehensive service portfolio of its recycling system and with a focus on post-consumer material, Interseroh+ offers the two ALDI groups of companies the ideal basis for closing raw material loops in the area of sales packaging. With this cooperative approach, in the form of a joint strategy, ALDI Nord and ALDI SÜD are taking great strides forward.

“As a leading retail company, it makes us very proud that after in-depth research, ALDI has decided in favour of the model of our recycling alliance,” explains Markus Müller-Drexel, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Interseroh+. “Both groups of companies have embarked on an exceptionally sustainable and ambitious packaging strategy, which we will be working on together with ALDI. The full service portfolio of Interseroh+ forms part of this strategic partnership.” Interseroh+ not only ensures that the legal requirements are fulfilled in every area, but also that wherever possible, the collected packaging is made into new packaging and products. This is the key approach of the Interseroh+ recycling alliance.

“We can also offer the efficiency of a company which is integrated across the entire recycling chain and the joint further development of this system to other partners from the world of industry and the retail trade,” adds Frank Kurrat Managing Director of Sales (CSO) at Interseroh+. “The offering ranges from the optimisation of the packaging recyclability to the development of new formulations for plastic applications with the use of what are known as post-consumer recyclates.”

Interseroh+ introduced its sustainable approach to the market in the spring of this year. At the heart of the strategy is providing the respective company with comprehensive support on its path to achieving a sustainable packaging strategy. In this respect, the goal is the strategic promotion of sustainable innovations in a large alliance with interested companies on the part of the producers and the recycling industry in the market, and to thereby achieve the actual goal of the German Packaging Act. For individual companies, this is very difficult; an alliance of numerous partners, on the other hand, offers several options for establishing sustainable material loops.


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