PET insights 08 | November 2021

Face-to-face  •  Stop-and-go

Dear Readers,

The relief and joy of meeting customers at trade fairs and events and exchanging ideas in-person only lasted for a short time. All channels were full of photos of smiling faces on well-lit exhibition stands. At least in Central Europe, the situation has changed rapidly, and live events seem to be slipping far back on the timeline - again.

At Pack Passion Week 2022, we will, therefore, open the virtual doors again from 8 to 10 March 2022 to bring the market participants from the PET and packaging industry together. The first two events each attracted more than 700 PET enthusiast from around the globe. We are certain that interest in the event will be high again in the opening phase of an exciting trade fair year. Get in the mood for the many exciting new developments our industry will see in 2022 - hopefully live and face-to-face at the world's leading trade fairs Drinktec and K show.

I am at your disposal for your questions and suggestions and information about presentations at Pack Passion Week 2022.

Today, I recommend reading this issue of PET insights, as always, a compilation of the most important industry news..

Kind regards,
Dr. Otto Appel

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