comPETence center - PETnology's Buyers Guide

  • The comPETence center, as PETnology's buyers guide, provides your organisation with a dynamic, cost-effective way to promote your products and services.
  • The main and sub-categories reflect the PET packaging value chain and allow you to present your organisation in a prominent manner.

Main Categories

Be part of it as a comPETence partner

What does it include?

FOUR IN ONE GO: ONLINE + PRINT + APP + ePaper + comPETence magazine (print + app) + PET insights ePaper

  • Online: Company micro page on > comPETence center
    • Company logo
    • Company and product descriptions
    • Download area for brochures
    • Individual news channel
    • Direct company contacts
  • Print + App + ePaper: comPETence magazine and PET insights ePaper:  
    • Company logo presentation
    • Directory address entries in relevant categories
    • App + ePaper: Links to company website

How does it look?

  • ONLINE: > comPETence center
    Micro page
    Each comprehensive company micro page in the comPETence center contains a logo, contacts, photos, videos, company and product descriptions as well as a download area for brochures and an individual news channel. comPETence partners are listed at the top of the relevant categories of the Source of Supply.
  • PRINT + App + ePaper: comPETence magazine + PET insights ePaper
    Logo + Directory address entry in the comPETence magazine’s source of supply:

    Company name
    City, Country 
    Phone  +1  23 456 789

What does it cost?

  • 1,890 € per year