PETnology Europe 2019 Programme Highlight

Enhancing the Environmental Profile of PET


Luc Desoutter

Sustainability Officer, Sidel, France

Holding a Master degree in Engineering from ICAM in Lille (France), Luc started his career in 1987 at a global supplier of automotive equipment. He joined SIDEL 28 years ago, covering many positions in new technology & product developments, packaging and process development. Throughout his career, Luc has managed aspects of sustainability including PET related issues and carbon footprint impact. He also led specific sustainability related initiatives for SIDEL between 2008 and 2012. He has been appointed as SIDEL’s Sustainability officer last October. His main mission is to help define and consistently drive sustainability agenda across SIDEL business interacting with key internal and external stakeholders. He is also contributing to SIDEL CSR approach.


Every day, beverage and food industrials are facing some strategic decisions to deliver the highest quality to consumers. As a partner, Sidel helps them to anticipate the expectations of the market. Therefore, environmental issues are central in many discussions: recyclability, protection of products, lightweight and limitation of energy consumption are part of choices to define packaging materials, available today and tomorrow. As key players, we have a role in the increase in general knowledge about PET as a sustainable material compatible with environmental ambition!